-Vídeo Mappings-

Genius Loci Weimar

“LICHT” represents the eternal duality between the good and evil’s forces, energy that governs all the lifestream in the universe. The protagonists of this story will be the iconographic creatures characteristic of Herderkirche: the Serpent and the Frog. Those mythological creatures will face each other in an epic battle, allegory of real life, and will make us think about the growing needs for (the) global peace.
The front of the building will be the place where this story comes to life. The wall will be diaphanous, the normal characteristics of the material will be altered giving the illusion of living in an environment strange to us, transported in a timeless story and however, so current. The victory of the Frog over the Serpent, from the Light over the Darkness, will give us breath and hope for the future.”


Projection Mapping El Morell

Vídeo mapping realitzat per ProjeK Visual a la façana de l’ajuntament del Morell. 2-12-2016



Projection Mapping Escaldàrium

Vídeo mapping producido para la legendaria fiesta Escàldarium en Caldes de Montbui, Catalunya.
Una enorme espectáculo que rinde homenaje al fuego y los poderes naturales del agua y sus espíritus.
Este mapping, representa la lucha clásica entre el fuego y el agua, y cómo influye en la cultura de Caldes de Montbui y su tradición.
Producido por Synkronie
Cliente: Organització Festes de l’Escàldarium

Projection mapping produced for legendary party Escàldarium in Caldes de Montbui, Catalonia.
An enormous show that honors fire and water natural powers and their spirits.
This mapping represents the classic fight between fire and water and how influences Caldes de Montbui culture and tradition.
Produced by Synkronie
Client: Organització festes de l´Escàldarium


Projection Mapping l’Argentera 2016


Projecció de vídeo mapping per la Festa Major de l?argentera, Tarragona, 20-08-2016
Video mapping proyectado en la Fiesta Mayor de L’Argentera, Tarragona, 20-08-2016
Video mapping projected in the Festival of L’Argentera, Tarragona, 20/08/2016


Synkronie Projection Mapping Nit Garnatxes

SYNKRONIE Viusal Studio

Mapping realizado para la 10a Noche de les Garnatxes, Capçanes / Tarragona 2016.
Un trabajo basado en la esencia del Celler de Capçanes y todo un viaje por el mundo del vino.
Projection mapping produced for the 10th Nit de les Garnatxes, Capçanes / Tarragona 2016.
A project based on the essence of the Capçanes winery based in Catalonia, Spain. A trip through their history, present and future. A experience through the world of wine.


Festival Eletronika. Belo Horizonte

Projeção Mapeada – Organismos Públicos desembarca no Festival Eletronika em Belo Horizonte na fachada do Palácio da Liberdade.
Obra: Organismos Públicos
Direção: Vigas
Animação: Vigas, Ricardo Silveira Cançado e Aris Serralonga
Trilha sonora: Sergi Casero (Telenoika)